• Jamie East

Thursday June 11th 2020


Coronavirus in the US hit 2 million cases yesterday, with worrying signs of growth in Mexico too.

Former Government scientific adviser Neil Ferguson testified yesterday in front of a Commons Committee and it made for grim listening - he estimates that the lockdown should have been implemented sooner

In the meantime, the Government continues to unlock things - and Boris appeared yesterday to introducethe concept of social bubbles… This will be a significant step forward for single parent families who really have been isolated


In the US, as the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests continues, George Floyd’s brother Philonise - testified in front of the Senate Judicial Committee yesterday

Meanwhile on Fox & Friends, Trump’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany about the insane Trump tweet - suggesting that a 75 year old peaceful protestor who was videoed being shoved by police - and bleeding profusely was actually working for Antifa…


There was confusion on the internet yesterday as the New York Centre for Disease Control issued advice for those interested in pursuing casual relationships during a time of pandemics.

The advice includes the line - “be creative with barriers - to reduce physical contact… like Walls!”

Finally Donald Trump’s Howard Stern interview from the 90’s make sense as he tried to avoid sexually transmitted diseases in New York City

It also finally explains,why he’s so keen on that border erection…


One of the breakthrough music acts of the last 12 months has been Lizzo 

She speaks her mind - and she’s not in the mood to be fat shamed - she posted a video on Tik Tok of her workout routine and some advice for those who give her advice...


Sport - and this time Boxing - Tyson Fury - the two time heavyweight world champion - and extraordinary character popped up, topless on social media to bring news of a title match up


The Fox News hosts have been struggling with the wave of protests about racism - as many of them sit on the white supremacist side of the argument - particularly the awful Tucker Carlson. He was deeply offended that children’s TV show Sesame St tried to explain to it’s young audience what the protests across the US were about


Yesterday, we heard that the TV Show COPS was cancelled - and the current climate has people 

asking questions about the many many cop shows on TV 

One of the better, funnier shows is Brooklyn 99 - which has a diverse and entertaining cast - Terry 

Crews appeared with Seth Myers to chat about the next season in the current climate

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